Casta del Sol and Beyond

Casta del Sol is a retirement community in South Orange County, California, CA, USA.  It is a planned development of nearly 2000 homes built in a natural environment.  As such, we still have rabbits, coyotes, rattlesnakes and mature trees.  Casta del Sol is a gated urban community in a pastoral setting.

No community, no matter how idyllic, is without a problem and such is sometimes true of Casta del Sol.  The residents have immense civic pride and we have hundreds of volunteers doing yeoman services for the community.  So why should we have a problem?  A reason that is common in all organizations -- communication.

This site was inspired by the need to have a free-flow of open dialog among the residents of Casta del Sol. Everyone is invited, yes encouraged, to submit their thoughts for publication on this web site.   The only restriction is that there can be no ad hominem attacks.   Make this your website by sending your thoughts to The Major.
Hearing Senior Hearing Problems

Unhappy with your hearing aid?   There are reasons why our hearing problems are not being properly addressed.  To learn more about what The Major is doing about the senior hearing problems click here.
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This is a blogging website created by a resident of Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo, CA (Estab. April 1, 2004)
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